Best web camera suitable for telepsychiatry

Gone are the days when mental health patients only had one option: physically visiting a psychiatrist to get treatment. With technological advancements, patients can now live anywhere and get mental health treatment in any part of the world.
Distance is no more a barrier to many mental health patients. Those who live in rural areas can now have access to better mental care online. The number of patients diagnosed and reached by psychiatrists has also increased considerably.
When it comes to telepsychiatry, webcams are known to be the most used devices. If you want to have a good telepsychiatry session, you would need a good camera for the whole experience. So what kind of Camera or webcam do you go for? Let’s delve into that.
The Logitech HD Pro Webcam C920
When it comes to an excellent telepsychiatry session, no one beats the webcam created by Logitech. It is a webcam that that patients and doctors can use to see each other at a frame of 30 per second. This means that doctors can closely identify some facial issues such as twitches and the use of drugs.
It comes with a 1080p full HD video call, has 1920 x 1080 pixels, a video compression rate of H.264, a class mode, and many more. it can be integrated with any operating system, it also has a USB port, giving you the chance to enhance file transfer.
The AUSDOM Webcam AW335
Though this is not specifically made for the telepsychiatry industry, the specs it has makes it an ideal webcam for telepsychiatry sessions. It gives perfect video recordings and images. It also has a high definition of up to 1080P, an enhanced video quality.
It comes with a glass of five layers which is also a high definition deluxe. This means that you won’t have any problem with the picture quality. There are other cool features including a microphone that is directly built in, an audio recording, and compatible with Vista, windows 7 and 8.

The Microsoft LifeCam HD-3000
This is an excellent webcam that you can use to get excellent telepsychiatry sessions with a doctor. The best part about this webcam is that it’s good for Facebook, Skype, Messenger, and AOL, and comes considerably cheap as well.
It also has noiseless microphone, an automatic color correction capabilities, and with 720P of video quality. You can use it with any device of your choice – your desktop, notebook, or a laptop.
TeckNet C016
With this TeckNet CO16, there is surely a proof that something cheap does not always means it’s not quality enough. Just as the Microsoft’s webcam, this one also has noise cancelling capabilities. The maximum resolution of this webcam is 720.
You won’t surely get a fancy autofocus camera or a high definition resolution. However, the camera and video recording are good that can give you clear video calling capabilities. It’s a good fit for any telepsychiatry session.
The Novo Minoru 3D
The resolution of this webcam might not impress you. It has a resolution of 800 x 600. However, when it comes to excellent telepsychiatry sessions, you surely will get the best quality just as any other webcam. The exciting part is that the webcam shoots are all in 3D.
Though you won’t see fancy photorealistic avatars, the 3D quality of the Novo Minoru 3D is excellent and will give you quality time with your doctor.
Telepsychiatry gives you the chance to meet your doctor without traveling. However, for that session to be good, you need a good webcam. The following webcams given above will give you an experience of physical presence with your doctor and make your session a successful one.