Insomnia and the era of technological diagnosis

Do you suffer every night just to fall asleep? Do you wake up in the middle of the night and can’t fall asleep again? Don’t attribute these symptoms to normal phenomena. You might be suffering from Insomnia.

What is Insomnia?
Insomnia is an inability of a person to sleep during the night, which leads to non-restorative or unrefreshing sleep. This is a frustrating phenomenon that creates disgusting moods in you. When it becomes chronic, you might suffer from serious issues with your health.
It is known to be very prevalent, and comes with some level of morbidity. 10 percent of the world’s population is recorded to suffer from Insomnia each year. People that suffer the most are those with mental conditions, primary care patients, and the age-old. It could also lead to issues of cardiovascular health, suicidal behaviors and thoughts, and depression.
Technology to the rescue
Treatments for Insomnia started in at the early part of the 20th century. Since then, a lot of both pharmacological and non-pharmacological means have been employed to either reduce or completely curb this uncomfortable state. Technology has vowed to try its best to solve every single problem that exist on earth, and as such, it hasn’t left Insomnia out. You don’t have to lie on your bed each night staring at your ceiling.

5 high-tech inventions that can help you curb Insomnia

The Sleep Genius
Apart from providing you with sleeping reports, Sleep Genius does a good job of helping you sleep through the production of pink noise, which the neuroscientists who developed the product consider a better option to white noise.
It makes use of low frequency rhythms, music, and neurosensory systems to create motion-based consciousness in your mind.

The Withings Aura
This device or APP promotes your sleep by producing light orange and melatonin-reduction sounds that imitate the circadian system of your body. It makes sure that the environment you sleep is monitored in order to take care of issues such as unfavorable weather, noise, and unwelcome lighting.
What’s so unique about this device is that there is no need wearing it. All you do is attach it under your bed and it will do all the work for you.
The SleepShield Blue Light Filter
Blue light surely is part of the reasons why you can’t sleep. To sleep well, you will need the SleepShield Blue Light Filter. This device can fit with your phone, iPad, or tablet, and will help reduce the amount of blue light going to you, and thus help increase your sleep time.
The Sleep Infuser
With this App, you will be fighting noise with noise. Noise is a disturbance, when it is near you, falling asleep just becomes difficult. That’s why the Sleep Infuser was created. This is a device that promotes your sleep by making sure that all noise distractions in your environment are distracted with white noise.
It also eliminates low-pulsing hums and sounds which are known to coarse confusions in the brain, and thus prevent you from sleeping.
The Jawbone UP
This really ups your jawbone. It monitors your entire sleep cycles and tells you how much of a light and deep sleep you’ve had in each particular nigh. It also tracks the number of times you awake in the night. It helps ensure that your sleep results are correlated with your diet, and then recommends the right food to eat or exercise to engage in.
If you find it difficult sleeping, you should either see a doctor. However, if it’s difficult seeing a doctor, you can always rely on these tools to give you nothing but the best.