Social Anxiety Disorder and Technological Innovations to Overcome It

Social anxiety disorder is known to be the third most spread mental disorder, and result shows that over millions of people around the world are suffering from the effects of social anxiety disorder. The effect of social anxiety disorder may not have physical damage on the victim, but the effect is the same as living as a dead man walking because it will prevent you from communicating with the outer world.

Studies reveal that those suffering from the effect of social anxiety disorder end up experiencing inferiority complex, humiliation, depression, psychological trauma, etc. They have this fear of being constantly judged by people, and this is as a result of their belief that people or the society at large will not understand or accept them.

Individuals with social anxiety disorder have trouble talking to other people, meeting new people, and attending social gatherings. They may understand that their fears are irrational or unreasonable, but feel powerless to overcome them.

I earlier pointed out that social anxiety disorder may not really cause physical damage on the victim, below are the physical symptoms of this disorder on the victim:

  • Blushing
  • Feeling nausea
  • Experiencing excessive sweating
  • The victim starts trembling or shaking
  • The victim finds it difficult to speak
  • The victim begins to feel dizzy or lightheaded
  • Rapid heart rate

According to Social Anxiety Institute, approximately 7% of the U.S. population suffers from specific form of social anxiety. The lifetime prevalence rate for developing social anxiety is 13-14%.

Causes of Social Anxiety Disorder

Social anxiety which is also known as social phobia goes beyond being shy to make public speeches, presentation, or during an interview. There are other factors which are considered as primary factors of social anxiety disorder such as; the fear of embarrassment, unfamiliar situation, environment, temperament, etc.

Fear of Embarrassment:

The fear of being embarrassed, especially in public places is one of the major causes that triggers social anxiety disorder. Most people do not like to be embarrassed not even in public setting. This could be that the victim is not prepared or ready to make public speech or presentation thereby causing the fear of being embarrassed which eventually disorders your social anxiety.

Sometimes, they have been threatened and so, the fear of being embarrassed sets in. People go a great length to ensure that they avoid social embarrassment. This category of people is advised to work on their self-esteem and confidence.

Unfamiliar Situations:

Sometimes, an individual is not familiar with social activities, and they are mandated to lead in social activities, it triggers their social anxiety and disorders it.

Personal Experience:

Your experience in the past can also contribute to the cause of your social anxiety disorder. For instance, your experience with dogs can make you develop fear for them which then generates to social anxiety disorder.


Your background too, can also be the cause of it. You grew up in a family where there no love, constant rebuke, etc. You will surely suffer from social anxiety disorder.

Technological Innovations That Can Help Overcome Social Anxiety Disorder

There are several ways of treating social anxiety disorder and overcoming it, but the use of technological innovations have been the best and most favorite method on the list. In this age of technological process where almost all things are becoming possible, mental health such as social anxiety disorder can be treated.

There have been several mobile applications developed to fight anxiety, and I will be opening your eyes to some of them that are top of the list and other technological innovations that can help you overcome it. According to David Ahern, a psychologist; “There are tens of thousands of apps, but very few have an evidence base that supports their claims of effectiveness.” The very few useful apps will be disused here.

Virtual reality apps:

Virtual Reality is one the best methods of overcoming social anxiety disorder where the patient uses a device to see the virtual world in 3D. For instance, if the anxiety is about public speaking, the device can be set with a few click of a mouse for the patient to talk in front of a thousand audience.

The virtual reality device is set in a way that the audience will laugh and applaud everything the patient says. Constant and consistent practices help you to overcome social phobia. Today, Virtual Reality is helping teens to fight social anxiety, ADHD, and more.

Computer-based psychotherapy:

Computers have gone through series of modifications that most of them are now being used for psychotherapy. This system helps you to control your thoughts and behavior with the help of a computer-based psychotherapy.

Positive Activity Jackpot:

This app is available for free at Google play, and it is designed for Android phones. The app was developed by the National Center for Telehealth & Technology to help fight against Depression and Anxiety. The app works by motivating the user to attend places of interest, do some sports, join clubs and much more. There is also an option of planning your activities and inviting your friends to catch some fun.


Youper is also a mobile app available for Android and iPhone users. It is the first mobile app developed for users to cope with social anxiety, depression, and shyness. This app helps you to learn how to give a public speech and improve your level of communication with people.

The app was developed based on scientific studies. Below are unique features of this app that make it outstanding: Digital tools to control anxiety, a mobile platform to raise your confidence, option to set your goals and explore the journey to achieve them, breakthrough stories and game-like interface, etc.

What’s Up:

Another top mobile app is available for free download for Android and iPhone users. It uses the cognitive behavioral therapy—one of the best ways fight social anxiety disorder. This mobile app gives you the opportunity to learn more about your thoughts and feelings especially those that never got the chance to attend special groups in various medical centers.

This app is programmed in a way to help unlock your emotions, master anxiety management, approach and tackle your fears with a sober mind, and so on. It involves breathing techniques, chats, games, cheering citations and habit tracking.


Social Anxiety Disorder is a deadly mental illness that can cause a lot of damages in your relationship with people and equally affect the way you live. The above technological innovations that have been discussed in this article will go a long way in fighting mental illness such as the social anxiety disorder.

The good news is that all the apps mentioned are available for free download from Apple Store and Google Play. Do not miss this opportunity of overcoming social anxiety disorder by downloading those apps or